Many companies have previously faced the issue of resource planning. It is obviously important to properly organise the operational processes of an enterprise, where every department could receive necessary information on time and convert it on to the following employee.

ERP systems developed by Inlusion Netforms will help your business establish effective communication channels between your departments. ERP allows automating operation of the production department and transactions, human resources and financial management, and asset management. The system has flexible settings and is suitable for any business.

An ERP system will enable:
  • Monitoring finances and personnel, contacting the customers, and managing sales and distribution.
  • To control all processes of an organisation.
  • Control of every user..
  • Interaction between the subdivisions.
  • Tracking of orders, stock, proceeds and sales.
  • Geographically remote subdivisions to unite into a common management system.

Any enterprise working with this system will save time and resources of the company, will increase efficiency of employee efforts and improve customer service.