INCRYPTA CLOUD allows any data encryption and storage. Be it an important document or a video which nobody should ever gain access to – all is secure with Incrypta. The files can be stored locally on your device or remotely, thus not taking up any memory storage. The service can be used to store both business and personal files. Access the data from any device anywhere on earth – you only need access to the internet.

Transfer and loading of files is protected with powerful encryption, so working with this cloud is absolutely safe. Cloud storage is necessary for work and for big companies and for ordinary users. Cloud storage prevents from being bound to a workplace. Information is saved remotely and can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. All valuable information is stored on remote server. If your device breaks down, your data won't be lost; it is enough just to enter the program with your password from any device available. Information stored on remote server and is protected from hackers much better than on your personal device.

Advantages of INCRYPTA CLOUD
Encryption protection up to date
- your files securely protected. Data is encrypted when transmitted to the server and stored. Nobody except you has access to files (even administrators of Incrypta serves can't access your files).

- user can check the history of changing files anytime, as information for overview is available in two versions: before and after change.

- program can be used from any device anywhere in the world - you just need access to the internet.